MBD is a Floor Covering Inspection Service. We inspect all types of floor covering, including carpet, rugs, hardwood, laminate, cork, bamboo, vinyl, linoleum, rubber, ceramic, porcelain, and stone floor coverings to address your concerns when you have problems and questions that arise concerning manufacturing defects, installation issues, and maintenance methods.

Our floor inspectors, which also include wood inspectors, will accurately and courteously address your concerns with an on-site inspection at your location. Once our certified floor inspectors have addressed your concerns, we issue you a certified report of our findings, which we will stand behind, for you, in any forum.

Whether your floor covering is located in a residence or commercial location, our floor inspectors will visit with you and go over your problems and concerns, report all findings to our main office, where we will combine them with our expertise, and then supply you with an accurate, certified report to assist you in finding you a solution to your concerns.

We have over 864 floor inspectors, including wood floor inspectors, scattered throughout our vast service area, which is every city and town in all 50 States, in all the Provinces of Canada, Northern Mexico, and The Caribbean.

Our floor covering inspection procedure and training assures you that all of our floor inspectors, including wood floor inspectors, have the expertise to properly address your concerns.

Concerns including a carpet showing signs of premature wear, buckles, excessive soiling, a wood or laminate floor gapping, bucking, splitting, or cracking, a vinyl or linoleum floor yellowing, vinyl or rubber tiles lifting, and ceramic, porcelain, stone flooring, or grout cracking, are just some of the issues our floor covering inspection can address for you.

Contact us today (855) 582-9747 or email: karen@mbdinspectfloors.com

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